There have been many breakthroughs and advances in treating liver cancer in recent years, with new and innovative treatment options continuing to be uncovered. As liver cancer removal via surgery is not suitable for all patients, new advances provide doctors with additional treatment options.

Recently, there have been 4 new advances in liver cancer treatment: 

Liver cancer intra-arterial therapies

During intra-arterial therapies, cancer-killing medication is delivered by chemoembolisation beads through the artery to the tumour. The beads also block blood flow, which helps to prevent the tumour from growing.

Find out about the advances in intra-arterial therapies for liver cancer

Advances in chemotherapy

Revolutionary advances in chemotherapy have been made over the past decade. Patients are living longer after receiving chemotherapy alone or combined with other therapies.

Find out about the advances in chemotherapy for liver cancer

Ablation techniques for liver tumours

Rather than removing a liver tumour, ablation therapy techniques kill tumours with hot energy. Ablation techniques are minimally invasive and work best for small tumours under 3cm.

Find out about the advances in ablation therapies for liver tumours

Advances in liver transplantation

There have been many advances in liver transplantation over the past two years. It’s considered one of the most effective treatment options for common types of liver cancer. 

However, not all patients will be candidates for this option. The number and size of the tumours and the patient’s health need to be considered before recommending a liver transplant. 

Find out about the recent advances in liver transplantation

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