Mental healthcare is one of the most neglected types of healthcare worldwide. Globally, nearly one billion people live with a mental health condition. Mental health support needs to become a top priority to help everyone in our society access services and quality care.

Community-based mental health services must be supported and integrated, especially in lacking communities. It’s vital to address the stigma and discrimination around mental health and to remove the barriers that stop people from seeking mental health support. 

Commitment, investment and transformation in mental health and wellbeing will lead to a healthier and happier world.

Did COVID-19 trigger the global mental health crisis?

COVID-19 has played a big part in the global mental health crisis. During its first year, depression and anxiety-related disorders increased by over 25 per cent. The pandemic caused disruption to mental health services, treatments, skills and funding. The world is still trying to catch up today. 

But COVID-19 is not the only issue that led to the mental health crisis. Even before the pandemic, only a small portion of the population had access to effective and affordable mental healthcare and services.

It’s an urgent requirement for mental health and wellness needs to be addressed and strengthened across the globe. Accessible, affordable and quality care and mental health support should be available to all. 

Action required

It’s time for governments and all stakeholders to work together to invest in, support and expand mental health and wellbeing services, systems, training and education to make mental health care accessible worldwide. 

Investment and transformation in mental health services will provide substantial benefits for individuals, communities and countries all over the globe. With good mental health comes good physical health, along with increased learning, productivity, positive social relationships and improved life expectancy.

See the Whole World Health global mental health action plan here

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